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Welome to Smart Tickers!

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About us

We are based in Canada

We are a team of entrepreneurs wanted to convert our passion about smartwatches and experience into this smartwatch buying guide website. Our goal is to help you easily find the smartwatch you need with the minimal effort. 

Whether you are looking for affordable efficient smartwatch or high smartwatch brands, we are here to help.


Our aim

Smartwatches has a lot of advantages. We want this new technology to be available for everyone to wear and benefit from. But there are so many options out there in the market that are hard to pick from. Things get confusing sometimes. Some Smartwatches are very expensive and have a lot of features you may never use. 

Here where we come in to make things clear and help decide which watch would suit your needs the best. Check out our blog to learn more about smartwatches or navigate through the top bar to explore more options

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If you already have a smartwatch, search for it using the search bar up here and leave a review. We want this information to be available to everyone visiting us and help others learn more about the pros and cons of each smartwatch out there.

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