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The Best Budget Smartwatches For Women, Men, & Kids

We stock high-quality budget smartwatches for the whole family. Browse our product range to find the perfect fitness or waterproof smartwatch for you!

Latest Smartwatches

Your Everyday Smartwatch Sale

Are you itching to join the millions of people ditching traditional watches to wear their apps and notifications on their wrists? Do you dream of owning a smartwatch, but think the prices are way too high for your budget?

You’re in luck! At Smart Tickers, we dedicate ourselves to designing fully functional smartwatches for less. We believe the affordability of new technology is a right, not a privilege. When you browse our catalog of smart products, you’ll find all the sleekest smartwatch styles and capabilities within your price range.

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Stylish Designs At Affordable Prices

Red, pink, blue, and green.

Rose gold, silver, and chrome.

No matter your preference and no matter your style– we have a smartwatch you will feel good about wearing.

When we started Smart Tickers, we had one goal in mind: to exceed the expectations of our clients. Your complete satisfaction with our products is our priority. We believe just because something costs less, that doesn’t mean it needs to sacrifice quality or appearance. From athletic to sophisticated, we make sure our inventory is always diverse, fun, and colorful.

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Why Buy A Smartwatch?

If you ever hear someone lament that smartwatches are a waste of money, it’s probably because they don’t understand what smartwatches can do. Smartwatches do far more than just tell time. When it comes to the intersection of fashion and function, investing in a smartwatch is the best choice.


At most, traditional watches tell the time and can earn you some style points. Smartwatches give you the time, the compliments, and much more. In the New York Times, Forrester Research Analyst, James L. Mcquivey once described a smartwatch as being: “Someone who knows more about what you need than you do.” The Smart Tickers team couldn’t agree more.


Out for a walk? Driving across the country? Holding your breath underwater? When used as intended, smartwatches can double as fitness trackers and keep you connected to your social media apps and messages, no matter what activity you’re participating in.


There are no setbacks to owning a smartwatch, and at Smart Ticker’s excellent prices, there is now no excuse not to invest in their convenience. We have the best budget waterproof smartwatches, smartwatch accessories, and even blood pressure monitoring cuffs. Start shopping now to find the best smartwatch for your lifestyle!

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Smartwatches For Women

Our women’s wearables prioritize practicality, looks, and plenty of choices. Since many smartwatch styles are just unisex, Smart Tickers wanted to make a line of smartwatch products geared toward women. Unisex smartwatches with a thick band and large face can make a grand statement, but can also look bulky on more feminine wrists.

Women tend to opt for options that complement their overall fashion sense. For women who prefer an understated look, the basic smartwatch designs do the job.

However, we know our clientele includes women who prefer more stylish shapes and fashionable materials. We are proud to present our line of Women’s Fashion Smartwatches in an array of different silhouettes and colors for these women.

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Smartwatches For Kids

Smartwatches aren’t just for adults anymore. Smart Tickers crafts a range of smartwatch models catered to the needs and sensibilities of our younger audience. Please don’t fall into the trap of thinking the more technology your kid has, the worse off they are; there are numerous benefits to purchasing a smartwatch for your child.


Ever wish you could close your eyes for five seconds and not be bothered? Giving your child the gift of a smartwatch can also be a gift to your alone time. Every different watch comes with a range of capabilities. Keep in mind that entertainment doesn’t have to mean mindlessness. We are proud to offer kids smartwatches that can support translation and educational apps.


Like the Waterproof Anti-Lost Watch, a few of our kids smartwatches are designed with safety in mind. They include GPS trackers and SOS capabilities that allow you to monitor your child’s movement and ensure the security of their whereabouts. Further, we have smartwatches with functions to track what your child is searching for and watching on their device.


Our children’s smartwatches are made of only the most durable materials. As fellow parents ourselves, we understand the mayhem kids put their possessions through. We sell fully waterproof kids smartwatches that stand the test of even the most mischievous toddlers. When you order from us, you guarantee yourself a lasting quality.

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