Top Smartwatches for Seniors (Guide)

Elderly Person Checking Smartwatch

Since they are a form of advanced technology, many people believe that smartwatches are designed for young users. However, there are many smartwatches out there that come with features useful for senior citizens, including heart rate monitoring, fall detection, and emergency call functions. These days, many seniors are just as tech-savvy as younger adults, too, … Read more

Garmin Sleep Mode: What it is, how to enable it? (Guide 2023)

Garmin Sleep Mode

Ever had a restless night and wondered, “What’s going on while I’m trying to catch some Zs?” You’re not alone. Slumber is as vital to our health and wellbeing as sustenance and hydration, yet its secrets usually stay hidden in the realm of reveries. Imagine if you could peel back that curtain of nighttime silence… … Read more

Garmin Watch for Triathlon (Guide & Top Picks 2023)

Garmin watch for triathlon

Triathlon training is no joke, and neither is choosing the right Garmin watch for triathlon. We get it. You’re a lean, mean, swimming-biking-running machine. You need a gadget that can keep up with your relentless pace without breaking a sweat or its bank account. Enter: Garmin watches for triathlons. The question isn’t whether you need … Read more

Does Garmin have a surf activity? (Guide 2023)

garmin surf activity

In short, yes. Garmin is well known in the surf community for the surf-tracking features available in some of its models. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the popular Garmin watch choices for surfing but will maintain a focus on the best all-rounder which is the Garmin fenix.  3 Great Garmin Models for Surfing … Read more