Tips to Create the Right Apple Watch Face for Workouts

The support for different options for watch faces makes the Apple Watch a versatile accessory. If you intend to use the watch as a workout tool, the right watch face can help get maximum output from your exercises.

You might not be giving yourself the same type of workout as seen in “Million Dollar Baby” (on DIRECTV STREAM). Most of our activities are low-impact by comparison. However, choosing the right Apple watch face for workouts makes a difference if tracking progress matters.

Tip #1: Familiarize Yourself with Apple Watch Complications

Apple Watch complications refer to widgets you can apply to your watch face. Among other things, these widgets provide features that can help with your workout.

These widgets are called complications because they complicate the watch by giving it more functionality. There have been complications for watches, such as alarms, the entire time watches have existed. As watches have evolved technically, complications have kept pace.

These complications display app information, just like their iPhone counterparts. Your watch face type determines how many widgets you may add and how you can arrange them for the best impact. The watch face you design for your workouts can be as unique as you require.

Complications are installed with every Apple Watch, with most performing essential functions. Many of these crucial apps are helpful additions to any workout. Getting used to these apps is a good idea in case you have a need for them outside your exercise time.

Several third-party apps can increase your watch’s functionality, although apps from Apple provide the best overall performance. Some of the third parties that offer top fitness apps include Fitbit. These apps might connect to other devices that you use during exercise, increasing overall versatility.

Tip #2: Pick a Perfect Watch Face

Many custom watch faces are available anytime, with regular new releases. The most important thing to remember about your chosen face is that it must support complications. Without this feature, you will not have access to the apps you need.

The fastest way to add a new watch face is from your existing one, as this path takes less time. Long-pressing the face and swiping until you see New, then scrolling through the options lets you know what is available. The sooner you can review available options, the sooner you can get started with customization.

Your iPhone’s watch app is another way of adding a watch face. The Face Gallery has many face options to choose from. As with selecting a new face using your existing one, this method makes viewing all possibilities easy.

Tip #3: Customize Your Features and Colors

One of the most popular faces for workouts is Infograph, which has a fairly clean interface. This face is one of the most fully-featured, with room for eight complications and subdials; however, changing the color is the only customization option for this face. You may want to weigh a few different options before making your choice.

The app describes the customization options you can use because they vary depending on the face. Colored dots on the Show screen make choosing your color and shade easy for the appearance you prefer. Most users find choosing a color one of the easiest parts.

The option Plus at the far end of the screen offers additional options. A Slider is available for some colors, letting you adjust the brightness and saturation. You have a choice of color options every step of the way with these extra features.

Tip #4: Choose the Best Complications for Your Watch Face

You can set the complications easily once you’ve picked the colors. One of the most valuable features of complications is adding them to locations of your choice. Accessing an app that you need is easier when in a more convenient location.

Depending on the face you opt for, locations where you may be able to place widgets include:

  • Top left and right
  • Bottom left and right
  • Sub-dial top and bottom
  • Sub-dial left
  • Sub-dial right and left

Tap on the area where you want to add the complications. You can make your selection from the list that becomes available. You may want to try different positions to see which are best for your complications.

The following are examples of complications useful for workouts:

Workout: This complication is ideal for recording an entire exercise. With this feature, you can track your goals better and gauge whether the activity gives you maximum benefit.

Activity: You can measure your daily activity easily with this complication. If you need to adjust your routine, this app is beneficial.

Timer: A timer helps keep track of timed exercises and break periods. This timer lets you set your increments from one minute to two hours.

Heart Rate: This complication measures your heart rate while exercising and resting. If your workouts are often strenuous, this tool is an excellent way to keep your activities as safe as possible.

Stopwatch: The Stopwatch complication offers a classic look that many find easier for exercising. If any activities require precise timing, this complication is one of your best options.

Gentler Streak Activity Status: This complication can assist with improving your fitness levels if you require a more peaceful workout. People recovering from recent injuries or otherwise having low-impact needs may benefit from using this complication.

Mindfulness: If you enjoy access to breathing exercises and reflections, this complication will fill your needs. Keeping yourself as composed and grounded as possible makes your activities more effective.

Music/Podcasts: Listening to music is an excellent addition to your workout. You can use this time to catch up on podcasts as well.

Use ‘Add’ to install the new watch face after you have customized everything, and you will be ready for your next workout. Your new look will be visible in the My Faces area of the Watch app.

Tip #5: Choose Relevant Complications for Outdoor Workouts

Outdoor workouts are popular with fitness enthusiasts, either as a matter of preference or for a change of pace. The good news is that there are excellent complications to use in these circumstances.

Complications for maps, weather, elevation, and compasses are often helpful. If you hike or venture out from home, these apps make your journey much more manageable.

In this article, we discussed different Apple watch devices that are ideal for hiking, including some watch faces and third-party apps to add to your configuration.

Third-party apps for outdoor exercises can be excellent choices to complement your Apple Watch functionality. Some of the apps to consider are:

  • 8fit – If you need an app to track your nutritional and fitness goals, 8fit is perfect. Recipes are nutritionist-crafted, giving you greater peace of mind.
  • Bvddy – This app is a perfect way to meet with others in similar fitness activities near you. Regardless of your typical activity level, there is likely someone with similar goals who is glad to exercise with you.
  • Fitbit Coach – This app personalizes your fitness plan based on data received from your Fitbit. There are on-demand videos, and Fitbit Radio lets you pick the perfect exercise music.
  • Keelo – This app offers only high-intensity workouts for 20 min. There are also coaches you can contact with any questions.
  • REI’s Trail Run Project – The Trail Run Project connects runners with outdoor trails in the area, providing a softer running surface than the streets. An advantage this app has for working out in remote areas is being able to work offline when you have no phone signal.
  • Sworkit – Sworkit customizes workouts based on your preferred workout kind and duration. There are also premium options for further customization.

Another good option is having separate faces for indoor and outdoor exercises. You can access the apps most helpful for your respective workout location. When you can use distinct complications, you can tailor everything according to your needs more effectively.

Different layouts may be helpful if you live in an area with colder winters and have very different indoor and outdoor workout needs.


The right Apple Watch face might make the difference in how effective your workout is for your needs. There is enough flexibility for you to change your watch face as often as necessary.

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