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Best Smartwatch For Diabetes

5 Best Smartwatches For Diabetes

Smartwatches are both fun and useful and have uses that some people wouldn’t think about. Depending on the smartwatch, they allow users to answer phone calls, texts, and even emails in some cases.

They are also a good investment for people who are active throughout the day, or those who may not want to stop and pull out their phone all the time. With a glance, text messages can be read and phone calls answered.

What benefits diabetes can get from a smartwatch?

Diabetics need to keep track of their blood sugar and general health. The smartwatches listed below all have features that diabetics will find helpful throughout the day, along with the other popular features that make smartwatches so prevalent. Using a smartwatch to keep track of their levels reduces stress in diabetics, because they can easily have access to important information about their health.

Listed below are a few of the best smartwatches for diabetics. Each one has features that allow users to track glucose and calories to help them live their best life. Finding the best smartwatch for diabetes doesn’t have to be a struggle.

5 Best Smartwatch For Diabetes

1. Apple Watch

best smartwatch for diabetes Smart Tickersbest smartwatch for diabetes Smart Tickers

Apple Watches come in a wide variety of models and prices. On their system is a downloadable app that allows users to keep track of their glucose levels. Using a sensor that wraps around the stomach, it pairs up with the watch to display an easily readable graph. Combined with all of the other fun and useful apps that can be installed on an Apple Watch, it is a great purchase to make.


Most of the watches have up to 18 hours of battery life, Apple Pay and the ability to answer texts and phone calls. Combined with their other features, an Apple Watch is a great purchase if it can be afforded.


  • Apple is an established company that has great customer service
  • The watch is easy to use
  • There are a number of different ways to customize the style of each watch
  • The sheer number of features on the watch raises it above the pack


  • It may be out of budget for many people
  • If you don’t have an Apple phone, you cant use it
  • A sensor is needed for accurate glucose measurement

2. Fitbit Versa 2

best smartwatch for diabetes Smart Tickersbest smartwatch for diabetes Smart Tickers

Next on the list is the Fitbit Versa 2. This watch came out recently and is almost half the price of some Apple Watches. Just by wearing the Fitbit on the wrist, it is possible to keep track of calories and glucose. These watches also come in different models and prices, so finding the best suited style and price is easy.


The Fitbit line has become well known for their long lasting batteries. This watch in particular can last up to three or four days, which is perfect for people who are often out of the home. The watch also has a built in heartrate sensor and other fitness features. When using the Fitbit app, it is possible to keep track of sleep patterns, calories and more.


  • Cheaper than some of the other watches on this list
  • A well known company with great customer service
  • It is possible to customize the watch with different bands
  • The watch itself is simple to use
  • Works on both Android and Apple phones


  • The app is needed for the best experience

3. Galaxy Watch Active 2

best smartwatch for diabetes Smart Tickersbest smartwatch for diabetes Smart Tickers

The line of Galaxy watches is well known among Android users and for good reason. They come in a variety of different models and some people may find the fact that they look more like an actual watch pleasing. The apps available on the phone allow users to keep track of their glucose levels easily, along with heart-rate and blood-pressure.


The built in GPS, and heart-rate sensor allow for users to keep track of their health without stress. The watch can also be hooked up to a blood-pressure monitor for readings on the go. A downloadable app allows diabetics to keep track of their glucose without issue. Different bands can also be purchased for this watch so it can match any outfit and not stand out.


  • The blood-pressure monitor is not available on many watches
  • It has the capability to store music
  • Long lasting battery


  • Can only be used on an Android phone only
  • May be out of many peoples budgets

4. YAMAY Smart Watch

best smartwatch for diabetes Smart Tickersbest smartwatch for diabetes Smart Tickers

Not everyone has enough in their budget to shell out hundreds of dollars for a smartwatch. That is where the YAMAY smartwatch comes in.  The watch works with both Apple and Android phones, so users won’t have to worry about combability.  These watches come in different colors so there is some customization available.


Just like the more expensive watches, diabetics can keep track of their glucose levels. It is also possible to read emails, texts and keep track of sleep and heartrate. The watch has an impressive battery life of up to seven days and is waterproof so it can be worn while swimming, showering or washing hands. It can also control music right from the wrist.


  • A great budget option
  • Has the features every diabetic needs to keep healthy
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • Doesn’t have as many features
  • Not as well known of a brand
  • May not last as long as other watches

Final thoughts

It doesn’t need to be stressful and scary to keep track of health as a diabetic. There is no need to resort to clunky and ugly looking watches either. The smartwatches above come in a variety of different styles, prices and models. Each one has a great company to back up their product and the features that everyone needs. Discovering the best smartwatch for diabetics isn’t hard when looking at all the great choices out there.

Whether it is in the budget to pay a couple hundred, or under a hundred, there is something on this list for you.

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