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mountain biking smartwatch

5 Best Smartwatches for Mountain biking (MTB)

Habitual or professional, all sports enthusiasts like to keep track of their progress. Thanks to technology, many athletes and sportspeople now have the opportunity to do this. Fortunately, it is now possible for mountain bikers as well.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, I am referring to smartwatches. There are too many benefits to have a smartwatch. These watches are technologically advanced and have unique features that allow you to monitor and track your mountain biking. These features include GPS for location convenience, heart monitor to track your vitals, and other favorable characteristics such as water-resistance and Bluetooth connectivity.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? If you want to get one of these, the following guide will provide you with five best smartwatches for mountain biking on the market. Go through the in-depth reviews of each product and choose the one that fits you best!

As a biker, you probably need different features than those in Smartwatches for Weightlifting. So let’s dive in.

Best Smartwatches for Mountain biking (MTB)

1. Garmin Forerunner 235

Garmin is a famous brand when it comes to convenient technology. This smartwatch is another one of their masterpieces. It comes in three different shades, all of which are equally stylish. The watch offers you a GPS and heart rate monitoring. The display is sunlight-visible with transflective MIP.

Other features include the opportunity to customize the settings according to your training. You can connect your smartphone to the watch and receive audio from the source. These prompts include lap times and several laps, etc., and you can also choose a mode. The smartwatch mode allows a maximum of 9 days, while the GPS mode gives you approximately 11 hours.

Battery life: 11 hours.

The watch easily connects to your smartphone.

You can get smart notifications like email call alerts and text messages.

You can set your calendar reminders as well.

You can choose from three different colors.

The design is convenient and comfortable.
Some consumers have had problems with the accuracy of heart rate and track monitoring.

2. Garmin Instinct

best smartwatches for mountain biking Smart Tickers
best smartwatches for mountain biking Smart Tickersbest smartwatches for mountain biking Smart Tickers

Since Garmin is a popular, reliable, and reputable company for smartwatches, here’s another one that is worth the consideration. This Garmin watch comes in several different colors, including flame red, graphite, blue, yellow, and many other beautiful shades. It has a modern, classy, and comfortable design.

Garmin Instinct offers a 3-axis compass, heart rate monitoring, GPS, and smartphone compatibility in terms of its features. Furthermore, this t-shirt technology is tough enough to withstand harsh environments. It is water-resistant, shock-absorbent, and tolerant of thermal pressure. The barometric altimeter, GPS, and compass make it easy for the mountain biker to track his location and whereabouts.

Battery life: 14 days and more on smartwatch mode), more than 16 hours on GPS mode, and 40 hours on battery-saving mode.

You can connect the Garmin watch to your smartphone and upload data automatically.

The trackpack feature helps navigate your routes and brings you back to the starting point.

This Garmin watch allows monitoring of activity, stress, and heart rate.

You can also choose a pre-set activity profile to train.

The connectivity apps are hard to navigate and take a while to understand.

The display resolution is low.

3. Amazfit BIP smartwatch

best smartwatches for mountain biking Smart Tickersbest smartwatches for mountain biking Smart Tickers

This modern and stylish is another fantastic option for mountain bikers. It comes in several different colors, but my personal favorite is the white cloud shade. It has a comfortable silicone band with a rectangular digital screen.

Smart features for this watch include one-way notifications, real-time tracking of your steps, GPS, Bluetooth, sleep tracking, and heart rate monitoring. Plus, it is also one-size, so you don’t have to worry about the fitting.

Battery life: 30 days

The design is incredibly stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

You can choose from a variety of different colors.

You can receive calls, messages, and app notifications on the watch.

It is also extremely lightweight.

You cannot set the back-light brightness or duration.

4. Coros Pace GPS watch

best smartwatches for mountain biking Smart Tickers

Coros is a famous brand name when it comes to high-end and technology advanced smartwatches. The Coros Pace is an incredibly beautiful, stylish, and high-quality product.

The design is comfortable, conveniently-sized, and lightweight. It is exceptionally reliable and strongly-built, so don’t underestimate it for its plastic construction. The band is entirely silicon and has a ventilated design to minimize sweating. Plus, it is very soft to touch.

The smart features include heart rate monitoring, barometer, GPS, digital display, and smartphone connectivity.

Battery life: a maximum of 30 days on standard mode and 25 hours on GPS mode.


The watch has scratch-resistant glass protection.

It is incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear.

You can use it continuously for 30 days without charging it.

It is also very reasonably priced.

You can receive email, text, and call alerts on the watch.

The GPS locks on very easily and quickly.

There are no music controls for this watch.

The phone app is not as impressive as other competitors.

5. Suunto Core Outdoor Sports Watch

best smartwatches for mountain biking Smart Tickers

This beautiful black Suunto smartwatch is perfect for mountain biking with its unique features and robust design. It comes with an altimeter that helps you track the vertical movements. It also includes a barometer which displays the trend and fluctuations in the air pressure around you. The watch also features a compass that helps you with directions.

Other smart features include a weather trend graph, storm alarm, and pre-set times for sunset and sunrise.

Battery life: 12 to 24 hours

The watch is water-resistant and sturdy.

The digital display allows for easy tracking.

A scratch-resistant crystal window protects the round bezel.

It comes with excellent battery life.

You don’t get a GPS with this watch.

It also lacks the facility of heart rate monitoring.

Final thoughts

Here is more on how do smartwatches apply to cycling in this video:

Smartwatches have become an essential part of every mountain biker. Whether you want to track your progress or enjoy the ease of knowing your geographical whereabouts, these genius pieces of technology have everything you need, and everything you never knew you needed. These five best smartwatches for mountain biking are stylish, high-quality, and efficient products. You can choose a smartwatch based on your budget, preferences, and needs.

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