These Are the Best Smartwatches for Kids

Technology development isn’t slowing down anytime soon. 

Smartwatches are just one example of this. What began as an awkward, unrealistic, and frankly ugly, accessory, has changed our world in a matter of years. 

What once was just a timepiece can now, make and receive calls, track fitness metrics, play games, and much more. 

But what are the best smartwatches for kids? Read on, and we’ll get you up to speed. 

Why Get a Smartwatch For Your Child?

Technology has changed the way kids, and humans in general, interact with the world around them. Understanding how to use this technology is increasingly important for kids. 

Some kids may not be ready, or responsible enough, for a smartphone, or tablet. This doesn’t have to stand in the way of keeping them connected.

A smartwatch is a great middleground device. 

They have many of the same functions as a smartphone or tablet, but the risk of your child losing them is much less since it will be strapped to their arm. 

Before we get into our picks for the best smartwatches for kids, here are a few stellar reasons you may want to invest in one.

1. Safety and Security

Every parent wants to know their kids are safe, but don’t always have the ability to physically be where they are. 

Enter the smartwatch.

They have built in GPS tracking so you can monitor your child’s whereabouts. Some models even allow you to set up ‘safe zones.’ If your child wanders out of it you will get an alert. 

2. Fitness Tracker 

Childhood obesity rates have been on the rise, almost parallel to technology growth. Smartwatches can help monitor your child’s fitness metrics. 

The smartwatch will count the pulse rate, calories, monitor sleep, and some even count your steps. All useful features in keeping your child happy and healthy. 

3. Stay in Contact

Many kids smartwatch models can make and receive calls and text messages. 

The device is lighter than a cell phone, and they aren’t as likely to misplace a watch. Like we said, it’s a great middleground for kids who want smartphones or tablets. 

4. Entertainment and Education 

Many smartwatches have media players, the capacity to download games, and get notifications from any social media accounts they may have. Some models can even take photos.

They can play the games they love while on the go. Meaning, less time holed away in their rooms. 

These are just a few of the reasons we think smartphones are great tools for kids in the modern age. Now, on to the top picks!

Best Smartwatches For Kids

There are a ton of devices on the market. Some smartwatches are waterproof, others are sleek and stylish, others are chunky and colourful. There is literally something for every taste.

Oh, and most smartwatches for kids are really affordable. 

1. Anti-Lost Kids Smartwatch With SOS Call

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If safety is one of your top priorities this may be the right smartwatch for you. 

This model has the ‘safe zone’ function, alerting you if your child leaves that zone. If they are in trouble, all they need to do is long hold the SOS button to send a call to your device. 

In addition to the safety features, this smartwatch also has a high capacity battery, a passometer (to count your child’s steps), and it can send and receive calls and messages. 

Additional bonus, it’s totally waterproof.

For a few bucks more, you can pick up the Kid’s Dual Camera SOS Watch.

Coming at you with all the same safety features as the Anti-Lost Kids Smartwatch with some additional features. Including a camera, colour touch screen, and a few games.  

2. Kids Oval Dial Smartwatch 

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This kid’s smartwatch is sleek and minimalist. It’s available in a variety of colours, perfect for the fashion-conscious pre-teen in your life. 

It’s got a sleep tracker, heart rate monitor, alarm clock and calendar, fitness tracker, message and call reminders. It’s waterproof with a flexible, resin band. 

Definitely a great price for a sleek smartwatch. 

3. Kids Laconic Design Bluetooth Smartwatch 

No products found.

You can’t download or play games on this one but it’s a great smartwatch for fitness concerns and keeping up with schedules.

It’s waterproof, has a passometer, heart rate, fitness, and sleep tracker. It can connect with bluetooth devices. Use it to keep track of important meetings, messages, and calls. 

4. 4G COSMO Kids Smartwatch 

No products found.

This one is the most pricey of our picks, but also packs in a ton of features.

As the name suggests you can tap into the 4G network and even insert a sim card. It’s got GPS tracking, ‘safe zone,’ and SOS button functionality. 

You can make and receive audio or video calls with multiple people. It has a camera, all the fitness tracker functions, calculator, app download capacity, and it’s waterproof. 

Should You Get a Smartwatch For Your Child?

Deciding on what kinds of technology to allow into your child’s life isn’t always an easy task. We hope that our list of smartwatches for kids helped a bit with that. 

Smartwatches can help your kid feel more independent, and as a parent they can help you feel more confident giving them room to roam.

You can still set some limits by creating a designated ‘safe area’ for them. Laying the foundation for a trusting relationship through their childhood and teen years. 

In addition to trust-building, smartwatches can help instill healthy habits and patterns in kids. With childhood health issues on the rise, this is an especially important component. 

Final thoughts on Best Smartwatches for Kids

Most devices encourage unhealthy living through a lot of screen and sedentary time. This can be detrimental to our kid’s health. Smartwatches are designed to promote and support an active lifestyle rather than staying sedentary.

With a built-in activity monitor, children are reminded to think about their daily steps, be active and productive.

We know that parents want peace of mind when it comes to their kids. Getting your child a smartwatch may be an effective, affordable, and practical way to move closer to that peace.  

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