3 Best Garmin Watches for Weight Training (Guide)

Weight training is a beneficial exercise to your body. Using one of Garmin’s sports watches, you can keep tabs on your health and fitness every day.  These watches have all the features an athlete needs to get the most out of any weight training session. So, in this article, let’s explore what a Garmin watch … Read more

3 Popular Garmin Watches for Golf and Fitness

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Garmin Vs. Fitbit For Sleep Tracking (One Winner)

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Garmin VS Apple Watch for Hiking (One Winner)

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Garmin or Apple Watch For Triathlon (One Winner)

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3 Best Garmin Watches for Sleep Tracking (Guide)

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Does Garmin Instinct Track Sleep? All You Need To Know

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3 Popular Garmin Watches For Military Use (Guide)

If you’re a soldier or love adventures in remote areas, you need a smartwatch with military capabilities. Many Garmin watches come with the ability to function in harsh environments. They help you navigate these areas by giving you directions, monitoring your vitals and facilitating communications with your family and friends So, if you’re in military … Read more

3 Best Garmin Watches For Treadmill (Guide)

Be it because of harsh weather, a busy schedule, or the pandemic, you may want to do all or part of your exercises indoors, which means you need an activity tracker watch that works under the roofs. However, most fitness trackers are designed for outdoor running and don’t work as accurately indoors.  Fortunately, we’ve got … Read more

3 Popular Garmin Watches for Tennis (Guide)

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