4 Popular Garmin Watches for Paddle Boarding (Guide)

Paddleboarding is a fun and enjoyable way to play in the open waters while working out your muscles and full body. It essentially increases your balance and strengthens your core. You can stand or lie on the paddle board and use a paddle or your arms to propel yourself on the water. If you’re an … Read more

4 Popular Garmin Watches for Aviation (Guide)

Pilots have been wearing watches for ages since the first flight took off at the start of the 20th century. This is because earlier planes weren’t computerized and pilots had to calculate time, distance, speed, and fuel burnt manually using their watches. Things have changed, but this old-age tradition has remained in place. Pilots are … Read more

4 Best Garmin Watches for Paragliding (Guide)

Paragliding is an adventure sport that promises thrill and fun in equal measures. But to make the most of it, you require the right equipment.  Apart from the typical gear such as a helmet, harness, gloves, and boots, a smartwatch will always come in handy in guiding you while at a high altitude. Today’s modern … Read more

4 Popular Garmin Watches For Open Water Swimming (Guide)

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4 Popular Garmin Watches for An Outdoorsman

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3 Best Garmin Watches for Intermediate Runners

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3 Popular Garmin Watches For Indoor Cycling (Guide)

Although great for outdoor cycling, GPS fitness trackers fall short of tracking indoor activities because you’re not actually moving anywhere and the GPS can’t use the satellites to screen your speed and distance! This can be a hassle since many people prefer to exercise indoors due to the recent severe heat waves, and they still … Read more

Garmin Watch Vs. Wear OS (Full Review)

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3 Popular Garmin Watches for Indoor Rowing

Until a few years ago, you had to carry your phone around when working out to track your performance, and if you wanted to track your heart rate, you’d have to wear a band around your chest. Nowadays, not only can you do all this with a small smartwatch, some reliable brands like Garmin offer … Read more

Garmin Watch Vs. Wahoo (One Winner)

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